Maidenform panties most certainly live up to the reason why the company was named as such: to accentuate the natural curves of a woman. Since their founding in 1922 by the Rosenthals and Bissett, this brand has offered nothing short of classic comfort and ultimate usability, with a touch of style. Interested? Here are some Maidenform intimates that you can try at first and find yourself relying on in the long run:

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There’s basically a Hello Kitty version of any product – mugs, photo albums, slippers, bags, notebooks, cars, guitars, purses, jewelry – so the idea of Hello Kitty panties should not at all come as a surprise. Launched by the Japanese company, Sanrio, Hello Kitty definitely adds an eye-catching and adorable flair to most things, not excluding original undergarment for women. Continue reading

I have been wearing many of my Wacoal panties for years. Not only because Wacoal is a classic brand for gorgeous and stylish undergarments, but because I have been reading and putting into practice what they write in the “How to Wash” notes. Read on to learn how to take care your lingerie. Continue reading

With the likes of Charlie Sheen, Cuba Gooding, and Michael Jordan being some of the faces of Hanes, it could be surprising to some that Hanes panties also exist. Yes, this 100-year old American brand also caters to women – and caters a lot, with Hanes Her Way being launched in 1986.  So what does this brand have for women customers? Continue reading

One of my secrets in avoiding potential wardrobe nightmares is wearing bali panties. Whenever I want to wear tight-fitting dresses and skirts, I just don these wondrous body-huggers, and I find myself worrying about nothing else anymore. Here is why: Continue reading



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